Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I price my build from the web site?

A. Published prices are subject to change and for estimate only. Please contact Luke directly with requested features for a final quote on your build.

Q: How do I order a Volkmann Precision?

A: Easy. Email or call me. It's always Luke Volkmann who will answer the phone. Together, we will discuss what kind of build you are leaning towards. If you like I will give you my personal advice on what is useful for the purpose of your desired build. When you have made a final decision on your build you will place a deposit to get in my build line. As your pistol progresses through the build stages, feel free to contact me. When your build is complete I will contact you for the remaining balance and FFL licensee you wish the pistol delivered to for you to receive.

Q. If I buy a new Volkmann Custom pistol in Lakewood Colorado, will it be built by Luke Volkmann?

A. No, I only build Volkmann Precision 1911's in Littleton Colorado now. I stopped building Volkmann Customs in November 2010. My serial number range was V00100-V00311. If you buy a current production Volkmann Custom in Lakewood Colorado I will not warranty or guarantee the pistol in anyway. I am completely unaffiliated with Volkmann Custom Inc.

Q: Does Volkmann Precision have any Dealers that stock his pistols?

A: Yes, I am affiliated with a couple of great stores,

  • The Firing Line (888-612-6711)
  • Machine Gun Tours, (303-993-8361)
  • Gunslingers, (248-866-5105)

Q: Do you really build all Volkmann Precision pistols on your own?

A: Absolutely! I have no employees, gunsmiths or assembly line workers as my industry competitors do. If I put my name on a pistol, I am going to be the only one building that pistol. I will handcraft your pistol from start to finish, and then personally test fire it as well. My quality control is truly un-paralleled in the custom 1911 industry.

Q: What is the lead time on a customer supplied 1911 project?

A: Usually 11-12 Months depending on the amount of work involved in the rebuild.

Q: What is the wait time for a Volkmann Precision 1911?

A: My average Build and Delivery time is 11-12 months. However, some custom options and finishes take extra time and could delay leadtime.

Q: What can you do to customize my Volkmann Precision 1911 for me?

A: I am familiar with the various styles of 1911's in today's market. I am proud to say that I offer the largest variety of custom options in the market of high end 1911s, such as sight systems, grips, triggers, slide and frame markings and custom finishes. I will personally work with you to build the pistol you need.

Q: How long does it take to get a 1911 coated or refinished.

A: 2 - 3 months depending on desired finish

Q: Can I order a Volkmann Precision 1911 from the state of California?

A: No

Q: Can I change my order, or the custom options of my order after it is placed?

A: Yes. I will allow you to make changes to your order up until the pistols build-parts are on my workbench ready to get handcrafted and into your masterpiece.

Q: What is Volkmann Precision's warranty?

A: I warranty and guarantee every Volkmann Precision pistol and all of my pistolsmithing on your handgun, as long as it was responsibly owned, used, or fired, and always properly maintained.