Volkmann Precision manufacturing process

The Volkmann Process... Your Masterpiece

“There are no assembly lines at Volkmann Precision.”

The process I use to build your pistol is ideal for a custom 1911. I truly take the time to fit each part individually to your pistol. There are no assembly lines at Volkmann Precision. All pistols are built one at a time. My pistols are hand crafted with a degree of precision unmatched by any other company in the industry. My parts are machined to maximum dimensions, then hand fit for minimal tolerances.

I start by utilizing only the best quality bar stock and hardened steel to craft my components, big and small. My custom frames and slides are CNC cut for extreme precision from an all carbon steel forging then hand fit with small pillar files and lapped with a multitude of abrasive compounds. The larger working parts are then fit and blended into the frame and slide with the help of a vertical mill and special cutters. My CNC machined, hand broached and chambered barrels are cut to precisely mate up with my slides and frames. I fit these premium match barrels by hand along with a 1 to 1 fit Stainless Steel barrel bushing for guaranteed accuracy.

After the pistol is in mechanical order, I unify the parts into one smooth form with a large buffing wheel and then dehorn all edges of the weapon. I disassemble it a second time to further polish out smaller tool marks by hand with an assortment of emery cloth, polishing stones and hand tools. Triggers are then installed, set and tested by hand and measuring gauges.

Each pistol is extensively test-fired with an assortment of ammunition styles and brands. I test all of my premium magazines with your gun for true reliability.

At Volkmann Precision I create your one-of-a-kind Masterpiece, one at a time.