"If you know the difference between right and wrong and you own a handgun then; you own a Volkmann Precision"

Tom Perry, Colorado Springs, CO

"I was introduced to the Volkmann line of pistols by a very good customer of mine who is a connoisseur of finely crafted 1911 style of handguns. This customer owned several of Luke’s guns and strongly suggested I contact Luke and include Volkmann pistols in my offerings to others looking for that special handcrafted ‘masterpiece’. Reluctant at first to take on another high end line of 1911’s I took the chance and ordered 4 pistols from Luke. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. The quality was excellent. Fit and finish flawless. Luke offers several high end finishes on his guns that just add to the experience of receiving a custom 1911. The best thing is that when you call Volkmann Precision the phone is answered by Luke Volkmann. You talk with the man building YOUR gun and it is not a rushed conversation. Luke is a gifted craftsman and a heck of a nice guy! When you are ready for your next 1911 and want one custom built from start to finish by the man whose name is on the gun I would strongly suggest purchasing a Volkmann Precision. If you are not in the market for a new 1911 but just want your existing pistol customized, refinished, re-barreled, accurized, or made more reliable Luke can do that also. Give him a call and discuss your needs!"

George Talia, Owner "Gunslingers"

"Luke builds the best 1911 I have ever seen, The craftsmanship, appearance, and customer service are incredible. The end result is much more than a magnificent shooter. It is a work of art, and a build experience that is unparrelled in the 1911 industry."

Forum Name - BaddaBing

"I am the owner of the "first" engraved/ blued 1911 Signature Volkmann pistol, which I bought after buying the hard chrome polished slide version of the Signature. I was so impressed with the quality of that chrome gun, and had so much confidence in Luke and his product and customer service that I spent double the money for that second pistol. I have (and still do) own other brands of the government size 1911, but the Volkmann is not only my most consistently accurate, and pleasing to shoot, but the workmanship is the best I have seen, inside and out. I am waiting on my Combat Carry as I write this, and would recommend Luke's pistols to anyone without reservation. He is easy to work with on every interaction, and wants his customers to be happy. I remain an ecstatic Volkmann fan and customer!"

Donald R. Black M.D.

"I met Luke several years ago when he first started making his own custom 1911's. After talking with him and looking over his product, I felt comfortable I was purchasing the best product and service available today!"

Matt Baerren, Littleton, CO